About me

I’m a veteran of the United States Navy and an accidental computer tech/database and system administrator/software support drone.

I’m owned by a mutt and a registered American Paint horse. Horse training intrigues the hell out of me.

I crochet, loom knit, and have recently started needle knitting. I want to try weaving, and spinning yarn.

I’ve been a book nerd my entire life. My great aunt used to tell a story about how she came to our house to visit when I was about 5 years old and peeked into my bedroom, only to see me laying on the bed and reading a book that was bigger than I was. I don’t ever remember not reading. I was fortunate enough that my parents always indulged my reading habit, so I always had something to read. I’ve been reading e-books since the latter part of the ’90s.

I am obsessed with Food Network. And food.

I love various electronic gadgets. I would be lost without my tablet and smartphone. One or the other of them is almost always in my hand. Most days, I’m glad I live in a world where those things exist.

I play computer and video games when I should be washing dishes, doing laundry and cleaning the house.

People in general annoy me. I’m seriously close to being a misanthrope.


Let's talk...

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